Melbourne, Victoria

Good Samaritan Inn

"The Network Partners that AWF were able to engage in the project went beyond the call of duty to create beautiful contemporary bathrooms for the women and children utilising our services. Hayball Architects, Reliance Builders and the myriad of other partners who joined the project, did so with skill, enthusiasm and the utmost respect for our staff, guests and the old building." Felicity Rorke - GSI


Sarah Schoffel

PROJECT: Good Samaritan Inn
PROJECT TYPE: Women's Refuge + Crisis Centre
LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria
PARTNER: Hayball, LCI, Tract, WTPartnership
FUNDER: Good Samaritan Inn
CLIENT: Good Samaritan Inn
Upgraded facilties and services for a Women's Crisis Centre and Refuge in Melbourne.

AWF’s core belief is that good design has the ability to transform lives. Our recent project at the Good Samaritan Inn has truly confirmed this belief. AWF and our Network Partners, Hayball, LCI, Tract and WT Partnership came together to deliver much needed high-quality renovations to GSI’s facilities. The scope of the work included renovating and adding additional bathrooms that have transformed the existing amenities from dark and dated to modern and light filled. The provision of additional bathrooms has made a big difference to GSI as they are now able to cater to those women who need additional privacy during their time at the crisis centre. Enhancing the safety and security of the centre is the construction of a new perimeter fence which adds another layer of protection. This feeling of safety is critical to GSI’s clients, many of whom have fled situations of domestic violence, experiencing significant trauma.

In addition to the perimeter fence and upgrading of amenities, an external pavilion has been designed as an additional space for women to meet and children to play also improving the experience of clients at a very vulnerable time of their lives. This structure is intended to be constructed next year as is an external elevator will also be installed in the future ensuring that the GSI has more space available for clients with disabilities.

The 'for good' spirit of this project flowed across intot he specialist goods and services we needed, and many consultants and suppleirs copened their hearts to provide their expertise, finishes adn fittings pro-bono or at cost! A very warm thank you to all the amazing people at Approval Systems, Architecture and Access, A.S. James Geotch, Utility Mapping, Goodison Surveying, GWA Bathrooms + Kitchens, ECC Australia, Premium Floors Australia, Design Stuff and Arkit!