Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary

Maningrida Arts and Culture Precinct

Good Samaritan Inn Refuge

CNLC Indigenous Garden

“How do you create a sustainable community, in all senses of the word: socially, commercially, economically, environmentally? Our work with AWF aligns perfectly with these concerns. We can aid disadvantaged communities by helping them realise their cultural, touristic, and economic sustainability. This partnership aligns with everything we do.”—Dieter Lim, Managing Director

Tract is a nationally based collaborative planning and design practice specialising in town planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and associated digital media.

Our charter is to deliver sustainable, contextual, and memorable solutions, shaping places for living, leisure, and work, integrating the infrastructure that supports and connects these places. We do this by harnessing the strength and diversity of our collective expertise.

Our comprehensive planning and design services, and the size and pedigree of our practice provide the capacity to address projects of all scales and complexities.

After 40 years of practice, we continue to evolve so that we shape contemporary thinking, working in partnership with our clients to deliver compelling solutions. This is because technology, community aspirations, and responsibilities to the local and global environments do not remain static.