“BKK Architects are actively interested in the community of architecture as well as architecture for community. Our design thinking is open and exploratory, privileging culture over strategy. Our partnership with AWF is an opportunity to give back to communities and involve a broader range of people in conversations about design.” — George Huon, Principal, BKK Architects

BKK is a Melbourne practice of 30 established in 2000. We deliver projects that are public, infrastructural, residential, cultural, and educational. They range in size from major infrastructure to individual homes.

For us, architecture isn’t about designing objects. It’s about the spaces in between, and it’s about people. It’s about places for humans and communities to thrive. Places that are stimulating, invigorating, healthy and safe. Places that look after the environment. We believe that great design means tailoring a project to a site, budget, timeline and proposed usage, and the identity of the client. Great design opens up a world of functionality, it’s enjoyable, and it lasts.

We consider ourselves members of a community of architects, rather than a field of competitors, and we like to collaborate with a large pool of colleagues. Over 50 per cent of our projects have been collaborations. 

Sustainability and Reconciliation are at the heart of all our work. Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. Our Environment Management Plan is certified to the international standard of ISO 14001.