7 August 2020

Big day for Cakaudrove Women's Resource Centre

The Society for Indigenous Women of the Cakaudrove Province, Fiji (Soqosoqo Vakamarama i Taukei ni Cakaudrove, SVTC), recently welcomed ambassadors and high commissioners from five countries to a major international event in the Great Hall. Dignatories from Australia, Britain, Japan, New Zealand and the USA attended, and heard an inspiring presentation from SVTC President Adi Salaseini Kavu Fong, before individually congratulating the organisation on all they have achieved for the women of Cakaudrove.

The SVTC supports the endeavours of the women who make up its members to learn the business skills they need to become local intrepreneurs, contributing to their family and community through the creation and sale of unique traditional crafts. Many of these craft items were on display and much admired by the visitors. Women from Nasavusavu and Wailevu also entertained the guests with a Meke dance performance.