5 September 2023

Good Samaritan Inn

Stage 2 Completed

AWF are proud to announce that the new multi-purpose building for the Good Samaritan Inn Women's and Children's Refuge has been completed and is now in use providing vital space for all-weather play, educational and music programs, craft, and garden therapy.

The building was designed by AWF Network Partner Hayball with critical input from Tract, LCI Consultants and WT Partnership and was constructed at-cost by ArKit Advanced Prefab.

“Accessing professional advice and services is often outside of the reach of the budgets of small organisations such as ours, so it was a huge relief to us to be able to work with a network of such professionals on these projects…

Hospitality, hope, compassion, respect and community are at the core of why the Good Samaritan Inn exists and how we deliver our services; and these elements are evident in all of the interactions that we have had with AWF, Hayball and all of their partner services.” — Felicity Rorke, Executive Director, Good Samaritan Inn