Sarah Schoffel

Project Coordinator

“There is no going back to traditional practice for me. I feel compelled to take my mixed skillset from my place in the privileged world out to where the need for it is more acute. That’s why I work with AWF. Their projects use sophisticated architectural design and project management skills to solve real world problems for those in need.”

Sarah is a project coordinator for Architects Without Frontiers. In this role she facilitates AWF projects, liaising between client organisations and AWF Network Partners as they work through the course of each project program.

Sarah has been practising architecture for over 25 years, and is a director of Sandberg Schoffel Architects, as well as a Board Member of The Anganwadi Project. She holds a Masters Degree in Disaster Design and Development (MoDDD) from RMIT and has worked on development projects in India, Bangladesh and Fiji.