Alison Cleary


"AWF’s great strength is the capacity to be a conduit between communities and a skill set that is incredibly useful to communities but is often inaccessible. AWF becomes an interpreter. It’s a really important role that we play."

Alison is a broad-based management, communications, and advocacy specialist with 30 years’ experience in the built environment, social justice, community development, and environment sectors in Australia, Asia, and the Pacific region. Prior to her recent role as Victorian Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Architects, she worked in a number of roles with Oxfam and the Australian Conservation Foundation, including the role of Oxfam International’s Tsunami Policy Lead following the 2004 Asian Tsunami. She has worked with a diverse range of organisations, including professional associations; social justice, environment, and international development NGOs; international foundations; entertainment and arts organisations; trade unions; large corporations, and local government associations.