What can we do for your community?

With the help of its members and partners, Architects Without Frontiers can assist communities or community organisations in need of design and technical services for architectural, building and planning projects. We can provide assistance in a variety of ways, depending on the scope of your project - from feasibility studies, scoping documents and urban design advice, to architectural schematic design drawings, construction drawings and landscape or playground designs.

We typically charge a minimal project management fee, which is determined on a case-by-case basis and is dependant on the scope and demands of your project.

Please note that AWF does not provide funding for the construction of buildings or assist in the purchasing of land. We can, however, assist our partner organisations improve their funding capacity by providing feasibility studies, schematic design and scoping documents!


Our Approach

AWF seeks to capacity-build partner organisations through participatory, sustainable and community-focused outcomes. Through use of participatory design processes and appropriate technology, we seek to provide outcomes that are socially and environmentally sustainable and culturally appropriate.


Project Guidelines

AWF will assist with projects only when: -

  • The partner organisation or community group seeking assistance has the capacity to effectively engage in, construct and maintain the project;
  • AWF has the capacity and resources available to undertake the project;
  • The project will benefit the community of the partner organisation; and
  • The project has a focus in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are open to consider any type of project within the above guidelines, and have assisted with design and technical services for the following types of projects in the past: -

  • Schools;
  • Hospitals;
  • Community Centres;
  • Housing;
  • Water and Sanitation Facilities;
  • Waste Management; and
  • Environmental Improvement.

Eligibility and Application

To be eligible to apply for AWF design services, you must first be from an organisation which represents people or communities in need of pro-bono design services - such as a non-profit organisation or community group.

Then, to apply for design services visit this page and fill in our electronic form.

Please provide as much detail as possible, as this will assist us in processing your application. Then, hold tight - an AWF member will be in touch to discuss your application!




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