We are Architects Without Frontiers!


    To make innovative design accessible to vulnerable communities around the world, improving their economic capacity while strengthening their social fabric.


    To facilitate the deployment of Australian design services across a range of health and education projects in the Asia Pacific region.


Through a range of culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable projects, Architects without Frontiers has helped change the lives of over 3000 people in five significant ways, since 2004;

  • 1. Delivering 39 health and education projects in 14 countries
  • 2. Collaborating with 70 communities to improve their social and physical infrastructure
  • 3. Partnering with 60 Australian architects in delivering pro-bono design services
  • 4. Funding 20 projects for communities in need, in partnership with agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The City of Melbourne, The Northern Territory Government, ARUP, The Cotton On Foundation and RMIT University
  • 5. Training 80 Australian architects to work in the humanitarian sector, through a series of training courses, in association with the Australian Red Cross and Australian Institute of Architects.


  • To provide support or remedial work on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, respecting the principle of non-discrimination
  • To promote an architectural culture based on appropriateness: i.e.; ethical attitudes, technologies and respect for environmental and local identity values
  • To develop knowledge exchange, joint projects and processes underlining the educational potential in raising awareness on social issues
  • To promote the facilitation of North to South and South-to-South dialogue and partnerships
  • To recognise the benefits of multicultural and interdisciplinary approaches in the facilitation of support
  • To underline the inherent long-term prospects of emergency relief to development growth
  • To share public debate, knowledge and practices exchange and research on the basis of the aims of ASF-International
  • To defend the right and improve access for adequate housing as a fundamental Human Right.



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Architects without Frontiers is building a network of key partners to enable us to continue delivering humanitarian projects in a sustainable way. Email us to find out how you can get involved.

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