26 September 2018

Social Design Insights


Esther Charlesworth

IS RESILIENCE STILL RELEVANT? As the world faces a rising tide of disasters and climate-induced migration, we must ask serious questions about whether the design community is prepared to offer meaningful solutions to the crises humanity faces.

Architects Without Frontiers' Founding Director, Esther Charlesworth, speaks to Eric Cesal from The Curry Stone Foundation for their Social Design Insights Podcast on 'Is Resilience Still Relevant?’ The conversation was recorded at The Dogs Bar, St Kilda.

"Resilience is a more 'whole of life' approach. There's a lot of talk about resilient communities, resilient indices, but at the end of the day, how do we know what resilience is? And according to whom?" —Esther Charlesworth

Click HERE to hear the Podcast.

Pictured: St Bernard’s Secondary School Multipurpose Hall Uganda
Image: Captured by Will Boase, courtesy of the Cotton On Foundation