8 March 2019


"We the women of Cakaudrove are really looking forward to having this as a networking centre, to bring in our craft, talk about our safety as women. This is where we will all meet as women. It's been a long journey for us, we encountered many difficulties... and with AWF it’s like our dreams have come true” —Adi Kavu Fong, SVTC

AWF celebrates the amazing women we work alongside both locally, in remote Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We are honoured and proud to support and empower women through our projects.

A balanced world is a better world. This is a day to celebrate women's achievements, strengths and abilities throughout history and across nations. It is also a day to work towards equality; equal education, equal pay, equal representation, equal safety and equal opportunity. Gender equality is a human right.

Pictured the rural women of Cakaudrove—Soqosoqo Vakamarama i Taukei ni Cakaudrove (SVTC) and the Great Hall which provides a space for women to meet and sell craft, share stories, educate and learn. A place where they can come together and where they can have a voice.